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Specialty Molds

An extensive amount of exposure to loud noises can contribute to higher degrees of hearing loss. Sound Advice Hearing Solutions in Sherwood Park provides specialty molds for your hearing protection for a customized fit. The earpiece is shaped according to the patient's ear.

Specialty molds are made in such a way that they filter out any acoustic feedback that causes a ringing sound or disruptive hearing. They come in various shapes, like canal, shell, and skeleton, and can be purchased in numerous materials for your own convenience, like medical silicone, acrylic, etc. All these specific features can be discussed with the patient depending upon the extent of their hearing loss, the shape of the ear, and the shape of their conch.

For more information about specialty molds and what kind will suit you the best, contact us.

We primarily provide the following molds:

Noise defenders

Noise suppressants are typically for users working in noisy industrial environments, construction sites, factories, etc. At our clinic, we carry both solid and filtered molds to match the convenience of our patients.

Sleeper molds

These are essentially custom earplugs that are worn while sleeping to block out any noises that can disturb the user by waking them up or prevent them from falling asleep.

Swim molds

We provide custom molds to prevent water from getting in your ear while you’re out for a swim and to protect your middle ear and eardrum.


Custom molds for in-ear headphones produce a better fit and enhanced music experience.

Musician molds

We provide custom in-ear monitor molds for musicians. These monitors offer a high degree of noise suppression when playing on stage so that the user is able to hear the background track without any disruption from the audience.

Behind-the-ear hearing aid earmolds

These are custom-molded and attached to the behind-the-ear hearing aid.

Damage-proof Your Ears

Get added hearing protection for your ears with custom specialty molds made to fit your unique needs.

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