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Hearing Aid Repairs & Supplies

Sound Advice Hearing Solutions offers timely solutions for hearing aid repairs and supplies in Sherwood Park for better clarity and a wholesome listening experience. Hearing aids are typically made up of many small parts, and it is not uncommon for them to require routine repairs from time to time. Any anomaly can happen with your device, even if it’s taken care of with utmost precaution. 

If you feel like you’re facing any of the following issues or more with your hearing aid, then it’s time to let our professionals handle it:


  • Hearing aids aren’t producing any sound

  • The device is not letting you hear loud enough

  • Sounds produced are distorted

  • There is a whistling sound caused by feedback

  • Twisted, squashed, or split tubing

Even if you are a current patient or have hearing aids that weren’t fit by us at our clinic, we’ll be more than happy to provide our repair services for your convenience. We offer these services for all major brands of hearing aids. 

For more information, contact our team of professionals in Sherwood Park today!

Hearing Aid Repairs

Our team will evaluate the problem with your hearing device and facilitate appropriate repairs to fix the issue. Most of the repairs are done on-site by us, but it is possible that some issues may require a more expert intervention, which may be sent back for service to the manufacturer.

Battery Replacements

While typically the user can change the battery on their own, our team can provide additional assistance if the task is too difficult for them. With the case of newer models that run on Lithium-Ion batteries built into the hearing aid, our staff can usually replace them on-site, depending on manufacturer.

Wax Filters Cleaning

We provide routine maintenance and cleaning services on the receiver portion of the hearing aid to keep the ear wax out. Users can generally change these on their own, but we can offer assistance if any difficulties arise.

Have Questions?

Get in touch with us at our clinic in Sherwood Park if you have any queries about our hearing aid repair services.

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