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Hearing Tests

One of our main goals here at Sound Advice Hearing Solutions in Sherwood Park is to bring a positive change in your daily life by helping you hear better. As trained professionals, we also understand that not everyone has the same story when it comes to their hearing loss. To get a better understanding of everyone's personal impairment, we conduct thorough hearing tests and provide appropriate solutions.

Through these tests, our staff will ascertain:


  • If you suffer from hearing loss

  • The main cause that led to this hearing loss

  • What is the category and level of the loss?

  • If the loss is in one ear or both ears

  • The suitable treatment to follow

Our comprehensive hearing tests can promptly help us learn about the extent of your hearing. If you feel like you are affected by hearing loss in any way, contact our team to schedule your appointment for a test today. We conduct the following tests:

Full Audiometric Test

A full audiometric test evaluates your ability to hear different types of tones and speech based on various characteristics like loudness, intensity, frequency, and the extent to which you can properly hear and understand speech. We undertake a Tympanometry test which is a medical evaluation to measure the movement and functionality of the middle ear and eardrum. This test can be performed very swiftly and painlessly unless there is inflammation present on any part of the eardrum or middle ear.

Hearing Screening

Unlike a full audiometric test, hearing screenings only involve performing tone testing on the patient. This test is usually done for employment reasons or workplace safety.

It is recommended that everyone have a baseline screening done to ascertain current hearing health.

Hearing Aid Repairs

Is your hearing aid not working, or need a battery? Bring it to us for repairs and supplies today.

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