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Comprehensive Hearing Solutions in Sherwood Park & St. Paul 

Welcome to Sound Advice Hearing Solutions, where we provide comprehensive and holistic hearing solutions in Sherwood Park, St. Paul ,  Edmonton and the surrounding areas. Our services consist of quality and accurate hearing tests, custom hearing protection, real ear measurements and more, to suit your unique needs. We are locally owned and operated, and ensure a high degree of care and attention when it comes to our clients needs for the best possible solution. 

With a good understanding of the various challenges that come with hearing loss, our experts work together to come up with the best hearing aid solutions to make your day-to-day life a bit easier and enjoyable. We conduct thorough hearing tests to determine your best course of action, whether that is hearing aids, repairs, or molds, as well as repairs and programming and Bluetooth hearing accessories.

We also pride ourselves in making sure that you are provided with a casual and relaxed atmosphere while catering to all your needs because we know getting medical service like this can be clinical and repetitive.

If you want to book an appointment and benefit from our services, then get in touch with our team today! You can approach us via both phone and email.

Our Services

Real ear measurements for hearing aid verification

A lab for hearing aid cleaning, maintenance and minor repairs (When possible repairs are completed in-clinic to ensure a quick and convenient turnaround time)

On-site support staff to assist with walk-in needs

We offer the latest technology in hearing aids and Bluetooth accessories

Audiometric screening for employees/employers

Batteries, supplies, domes, receivers, and wax filters 

Why Choose Us?

Locally-owned and operated

We are locally-owned and operated, and we provide comprehensive tests and services to improve your hearing noticeably. Our team of professionals invests the time required to understand each client’s hearing problems thoroughly. With a wide range of products and practical solutions, we aim to help you hear ambient sounds so that you can go through your day smoothly. Find out more about our knowledgeable staff here.

Casual, relaxed atmosphere

We take pride in the casual and relaxed atmosphere, which is intended to make our clients feel more comfortable on each visit, without a very clinical ambience. Our small but hands-on team is dedicated to providing the right hearing aids for you, to fit your lifestyle and its diverse requirements. We take the time to understand the needs of each individual client, to produce the best possible outcome.

Direct billing

At Sound Advice Hearing Solutions, we also offer direct billing to:


  • Alberta Aids to Daily Living (AADL)

  • Workers Compensation Board (WCB)

  • Department of Veterans Affairs (DVA) and Non-Insured Health Benefits (NIHB)

  • Alberta Public School Board

  • Blue Cross

Hearing Aids

Get exceptional fitting hearing aids, repairs and supplies for all your needs at our clinic.

Know More

Hearing Test

Our team can perform quality and accurate hearing tests to decide the best course of action for you.

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What our Patients Say About Us

Comfortable and Friendly

“From the moment I stepped into the office at Sound Advice Hearing Solutions I felt very comfortable. The staff is friendly and knowledgeable. It didn’t feel like a medical clinic, and the service was superior.”

- Ed R.

Helpful No Matter What

“I have known Patty for many years. She is always a pleasure to deal with and I consider her my friend as well as my practitioner. She is always friendly and helpful in no matter what I may be needing. She knows how to fix any concerns I may have with my hearing aids so I can continue to hear what is happening in the world around me.”

- Earl H.

Life Changing Experience

“​I received my hearing aids from Sound Advice Hearing Solutions on a Friday. On Saturday we were at a party and I could hear people talking over the sound of the band playing. That hasn't happened in years. Thank You Patty.”

- Gary M.

Strongly Recommend

“I made the mistake of not following Patty when she left Anderson Hearing to her new practice in Sherwood Park. She had always given me excellent service. When the new owners took over at Anderson, called Hearing Life Canada, they care more about revenue than the customer. Have got nothing but the run a round with them. If you want your file they will not give it to you. If you want a copy of your hearing test they want $50 for a hard copy and $25 for a faxed copy. STRONGLY RECOMMEND PATTY OR CRYSTAL and Sue at the front office.”

- Jim T.

Customer Service Is Clearly A Priority

“Patty was an absolute delight. Customer service is clearly a priority. She knows her stuff, and keeps things professional while remaining vibrant and witty.”

- Candace B.

The Best Service

“Patty is the best. Love my hearing aids.”

- Rod K.

Hearing Transition

"Thank you so much for making my hearing transition so easy and comfortable."

- Brenda M.