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Hear and Be Heard.
After All, You’re Important!

Life does not have a replay button. If you do not hear it the first time you may never hear it again.

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Are you straining to hear, even when you are right next to your loved ones? Is asking people to repeat themselves making conversation a drag? Tired of feeling increasingly disconnected?

The bottom line is when you can’t hear the full conversation or understand your friends or grandkids or pick up the dialogue in a movie – you’re missing out on life.

Hearing loss can be subtle at first. Perhaps it’s only some voices you can’t quite hear, or it’s only a few lines of a movie that seem to be spoken too softly.

But even small changes in your hearing can affect your brain and your cognitive abilities. In fact, untreated hearing loss has been associated with Alzheimer’s, dementia, depression, and anxiety. Not only does constantly asking people to repeat themselves make you seem older than you are, it affects your mental agility over time.

Patty Larouche, RHAP, BC-HIS Registered Hearing Aid Practitioner, Board Certification in Hearing Instrument Sciences

Patty Larouche, RHAP, BC-HIS

Registered Hearing Aid Practitioner, Board Certification in Hearing Instrument Sciences

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The ear is the avenue to the heart.

Don’t get left out by hearing loss

Ever sit down to enjoy a family meal or go for dinner with friends and then not be able to be part of the conversation? You can see your family and friends talking, but it mostly sounds garbled, and you can only pick out a few words here and there. Depending on who is talking and the pitch of their voice, you may hear very little of what they are saying.

Not being able to hear is lonely. Even when spending time with people, it can feel isolating to only catch parts of the conversation – to miss jokes or secrets whispered in your ear. It also can make you appear out of it or as if you’re older than you are. 

Thankfully hearing loss devices can not only help you hear – they have been shown to improve cognitive abilities and restore your quality of life. 

The first step is to get your hearing checked. Then, based on your results, we’ll help you determine your options.

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Complimentary Clean & Check of Your Hearing Aids!

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Discreet & affordable hearing aid solutions in Sherwood Park and St. Paul, AB

Don’t let hearing loss or your concern about what kind of impression you’ll make when you wear hearing aids hold you back. When you do, most people’s first impression will be that you’re engaged and they won’t even notice your hearing aids.

At Sound Advice Hearing Solutions, we offer:

  • Affordable hearing aids.
  • Comprehensive hearing aid services.
  • Custom solutions, including custom molds.
  • Satisfaction guaranteed.
  • Continual support.
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